90 Days to Play

90 Days to Play

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Once the workhorse program of I Can Play Violin! programs, this training gem has escaped the vault. It is up for grabs now to the beginner or advanced violinist who desires hours of easy-to-understand, down-to-earth, never-drive-to-lessons training from a fellow and once-touring professional Christian violinist.

Note: May go back into vault at anytime. - 5/15/2018

Gain the advantage from 90 Days to Play In-Home Training:


• Hours of video training

• Hours of audio interviews

• Your Child Will Play Violin Longer, Better, and with Virtuosity Without Nagging or Bribing to Practice!

• Discover the Secrets to Tuning Properly, without breaking strings or learning the wrong pitches (you can never ‘undo’ this)!

• Flexible lesson durations!

• Beautiful music taught and achieved by anyone aged 7-11 (recommended, but all ages may learn)!

• Build self-teaching skills, initiative, and intuitive skills like no other teaching method or system!

• System fits with YOUR SCHEDULE - never drive through rush hour traffic to a lesson worrying about if your instructor will run late, thus making you late to your next appointment or your child’s tennis practice.

• Spend more time LEARNING and less time DRIVING!

• No Cancellation fees - unlike traditional instructors!

• Get the exact position of the fingers on the instrument and bow, using my MasterView System!

• Have a lesson on call, anytime, with unlimited repeat/pause!

• Enjoy Music Theory Discovery like no other system!

• Perfect either as an add-on for those already taking violin lessons, or as a standalone complete violin coaching system

• Great gift for grandchildren (Grandparents love to hear grandchildren playing violin)

• Designed to instruct children who become Lifetime violinists - for pay or play, professional or volunteer

• Licensed use for all children in household, and even parents with my 23-person limit per purchase!

• Learn at your own pace - skip a week without hurting the progress or disgruntling any instructors - take sick weeks - sick days - and return to the EXACT place you left off!

• Be ready for public/private school orchestra (encouraged for those who are able to co-register for public school activities), before anyone else, and place in a higher chair than others!

• Your child will get through the assigned materials and advance with less practice, less emotional duress, and much more efficiency than other students at the same level

• In just four months your child will be twice this far along in violin instruction then other students in the same grade

• Partake in violin instruction anywhere you take your DVD player, not just when you're private instructor tells you to (DVD format only)

• Fast students advance faster than other students; slower students do not lose interest and quit!

• Difficult principles can be learned more easily through rewinding, pausing, and quick reviewing features

• Identify with violin and be encouraged on a violin lifestyle, not simply viewing violin as ‘something to try.’ Your child will be proud to be part of this system!

• Become a violin family as more than one student can learn from my instruction up to 12 children per household

• Completely run around the #1 reason for quitting - no more missed lessons!

• Learn basics practically overnight, at your own pace!

• Results based learning techniques - advance when you need to, hold back when it is too difficult. Cancel anytime for full refund - full 12-month satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked Synthesis of ear training and note reading!

• Homeschool-based but works for any parent involved!

• No need for parents to have any musical background! and,

• Fun to learn and your kids will enjoy the humorous, energetic teaching style!

Get 90 Days to Play and become the violinist you always desired to be!