The Musician's Parent Self-Coaching Program

The Musician's Parent Self-Coaching Program

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The 12 Pillars of the Musician's Parent Self-Coaching Program, utilizing the Fortelli-Bacich© Method

Humility as Your Heartbeat
Energetic Leadership
Valuing Soul-Stirring Music
Raising Responsive Children
Being an Approachable Parent
Helping Your Child Challenge Lyrics
Trustworthy Parents
A Hallmark of Integrity
Learning Alongside Children
Being Present in Difficulties
Known by Our Gentle Correction
Intrinsic Rewards Systems

What do you get with this program?

  • Guided sessions with a Certified Master Trainer of the Fortelli-Bacich© Method 
  • Become a better parent of a musical child with Weekly Live Video Coaching with one of our Certified Coaches (Valued at $30 per week or $1560 per year)
  • 1-Year Subscription to our entire stock of up to 79, two-camera training films from our certified coach and professionally trained violinists (Valued at $790)
  • Two Family Invitations to our two invitation-only Lifetime Friendship Events: (Lake Superior North Shore Violin and Vikings Nordic Adventure in June, and the Mall of America Cozy Comfort Violin Experience in September) (Valued at $1500 each)
  • Be able to Demonstrate the training of your child in the fastest and most efficient, "No nonsense" coaching style
  • Educate your child with a Christ-Centered Hymn-filled repertoire training (instead of traditional 'secular' training which lacks the ultimate motivation)
  • Raise interest in a traditional classic violin repertoire training as a supplement (instead of every type of nursery rhyme, although they can be used in addition on the side)
  • Stay encouraged through our encouraging style of teaching (so neither you nor your child get discouraged)
  • Fortify your confidence in guiding your child with Professional training from a professional violinist
  • Group encouragement through online collaboration and an online community (ask and answer questions instantly! PLUS video recorded coaching from me, on a weekly basis so you can ensure ALL your questions are answered!)
  • Best of online training (private Vimeo links, Google-certified secure socket layer forums and videos with private and safe group discussions sanctioned by myself)
  • Accountability and Agile Methodology unique to our training, resulting in your child's quick and no-nonsense (yet enjoyable) performance of difficult training
  • Learn mainly from learning hymns (so we can instantly use our learnings for church gatherings or other concerts!)
  • OPTIONAL prayers ahead of many films (to get our hearts on-purpose)
  • Encouragement to remain accountable for others in the program... to help keep you on track!
  • Be able to play violin as a solo for friends and family, or in church with a piano accompanist

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Registration is limited to 50 families, with weekly live group coaching times including up to 8 families per session.
REFUNDS: No refunds, but if you are not approved for the program you will receive a full refund.