The 2020 Violin Adventure: Christ-Centered Violin Method with Live Parent Coach Training

The 2020 Violin Adventure: Christ-Centered Violin Method with Live Parent Coach Training

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NEW PROGRAM for 2020


IMPORTANT: Purchase before January 10, 2020 to enroll in this program. You will receive your registration and application after your purchase.  Registration is limited to 50 families. Weekly live coaching times feature under 8 families per coaching time. If you are not approved for the program after you will receive a full refund.


How Christian Families Are Learning Violin -- by Playing Classic Hymns on Violin at Home... Without Driving to Lessons...

What do you get with this program?

  • Become a better parent of a musical child with Weekly Live Video Coaching with one of our Certified Coaches (Valued at $30 per week or $1560 per year)
  • 1-Year Subscription to our entire stock of up to 79, two-camera training films from our certified coach and professionally trained violinists (Valued at $790)
  • Two Family Invitations to our two invitation-only Lifetime Friendship Events: (Lake Superior North Shore Violin and Vikings Nordic Adventure in June, and the Mall of America Cozy Comfort Violin Experience in September) (Valued at $1500 each)
  • Train your child in the fastest and most efficient, "No nonsense" coaching style from Brooks Hanes our founder
  • Educate your child with a Christ-Centered Hymn-filled repertoire training (instead of traditional 'secular' training which lacks the ultimate motivation)
  • Traditional classic violin repertoire training as supplement (instead of every type of nursery rhyme, although they can be used in addition on the side)
  • Stay encouraged through our encouraging style of teaching (so neither you nor your child get discouraged)
  • Professional training from a professional violinist
  • Group encouragement through online collaboration and an online community (ask and answer questions instantly! PLUS video recorded coaching from me, on a weekly basis so you can ensure ALL your questions are answered!)
  • Best of online training (private Vimeo links, Google-certified secure socket layer forums and videos with private and safe group discussions sanctioned by myself)
  • Accountability and Agile Methodology unique to our training, resulting in your child's quick and no-nonsense (yet enjoyable) performance of difficult training
  • Learn mainly from learning hymns (so we can instantly use our learnings for church gatherings or other concerts!)
  • OPTIONAL prayers ahead of many films (to get our hearts on-purpose)
  • Encouragement to remain accountable for others in the program... to help keep you on track!
  • Be able to play violin as a solo for friends and family, or in church with a piano accompanist