Quantum Coaching Violin Boot Camp
Quantum Coaching Violin Boot Camp
Quantum Coaching Violin Boot Camp
Quantum Coaching Violin Boot Camp

Quantum Coaching Violin Boot Camp

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Summer 2020 Session in Grand Marais, Minnesota (begins/ends in Minneapolis): TBD

For serious parents and violinists only.

There is no faster way to learn violin than to experience it alongside a mentor, and the right kind of mentor can adjust to your personal needs quickly and cut to the chase of your areas of improvement.

The fastest way to learn with a mentor is not a 30-minute or even 60-minute lesson

Experience personal break-throughs like never before, with a serious yet fun, quantum leap of violin improvement. You'll get one month of daily coaching with Brooks, then fly to the Mall of America near his home in Minneapolis for a live weekend boot camp with Brooks Hanes, our author and trainer of violin to musicians around the world since 1990.

Many will apply but few will qualify for this exclusive experience. Mr. Hanes is on a very difficult schedule, but makes time for those who desire to learn--and are willing to invest in themselves.

A questionnaire will follow your order and refunds will be given to those who fall through Mr. Hanes' qualification process.

You should expect to find success in your playing to the tune of one year of improvement in this custom-designed two-week process.

- Includes 1-month distance Boot Camp
- 1-Weekend in-person one-on-one coaching with Brooks Hanes
- Advance to the next level of your playing, even skipping years of waiting for improvement by leaping past your own expectations
- Daily practice routines will be set and will be adhered to by all members
- Adults must accompany child violinists at all times during training and weekend


• Airfare and lodging not included.
• Bootcamp takes place in one of the Mall of America's top hotels, completely attached to the Mall of America and shuttle-distance to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.
Not everyone will qualify. Refunds will be given to those not qualified, determined with application given upon payment