The Christ-Centered Violin Method Homeschool Curriculum Experience - Level 1

The Christ-Centered Violin Method Homeschool Curriculum Experience - Level 1

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• No violin required yet - we explain it all to save you money and quality
• No musical experience needed - we train you from the ground up with theory and practical violin method 
• Ages 6-106 (under 10 recommend parent help with accountability and tech)
• New Parent coaching to help guide new musical parents
• Covers 1-2 years of violin training (equivalent to over 75 traditional 30-minute lessons)
• Learn 9 Pure and classical famous hymns along the way, plus all the theory you need
• Many play in church for solos and family gathering after just hours of this course

 Online or Offline Access Available...

We use this training formula to get results like no other system: Min-Max Musical Mapping©

What will you experience with The Christ-Centered Violin Method?

  • 1-Year Subscription to (or VIP link to download) our entire stock of 2-camera training films from our certified coach and professionally trained violinists
  • Two Family Invitations to our two invitation-only Lifetime Friendship Events: (Lake Superior North Shore Violin and Vikings Nordic Adventure in June, and the Mall of America Cozy Comfort Violin Experience in September)
  • Train your child in the fastest and most efficient, "No nonsense" coaching style from Brooks Hanes our founder
  • Educate your child with a Christ-Centered Hymn-filled repertoire training (instead of traditional 'secular' training which lacks the ultimate motivation)
  • Traditional classic violin repertoire training as supplement (instead of every type of nursery rhyme, although they can be used in addition on the side)
  • Stay encouraged through our encouraging style of teaching (so neither you nor your child get discouraged)
  • Professional training from a professional violinist
  • Group encouragement through online collaboration and an online community (ask and answer questions instantly! PLUS video recorded coaching from me, on a weekly basis so you can ensure ALL your questions are answered!)
  • Best of OFFLINE world (no travel required at all... saving hundreds of hours and $$$ this year!)
  • Best of ONLINE world (private, Google-certified forums and videos with private and safe group discussions sanctioned by myself)
  • Extreme Adventure (optional, additional investment) with group workshops to the Land of the North including the North Shore and Mall of America (teens or older only unless accompanied by parents/guardians)
  • Accountability and Agile Methodology like NO OTHER VIOLIN PROGRAM in the world
  • All of the above producing RESULTS that are unachievable with any other program due to its daily task schedules

Those are the 'nitty gritty' features which come into play to help you become a NEW person.

We love Jesus in our group and if you choose to join our program, you won't be disappointed... but you WILL be changed.

Here is WHO you will become if you join...

  • We learn mainly from hymns (so we can instantly use our learnings for church gatherings or other concerts!)
  • We have OPTIONAL prayer times scheduled ahead of each RECORDED SESSION (to get our hearts on purpose!)
  • We enjoy some composers more than others (Handel and Bach over Stravinski, because the glory of God was their purpose, just like ours!)
  • We have open arms to all types of composers and violinists (We learn and appreciate ALL people, because God loves the world and sent his Son!)
  • We enjoy learning, but even more BECAUSE we are created by God to spread His message of Truth and Grace (we do not learn violin to make God happy but BECAUSE God makes us happy in Him!... talk  about the ULTIMATE motivation!)
  • Many of us, after just a few months, are soon asked to play in our small and medium sized churches (Violin is rare and has a strong heritage of being THE most beautiful instrument, much like the human voice in timbre and range!)
  • We take music seriously because it is fun and enjoyable to others!
  • You will not be able to stop practicing just because you FEEL like it... your accountability program will help keep you on track!
  • In the end, you will LEARN how to be SUCCESSFUL in violin.