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From the Desk of Brooks Hanes, Author of the book, "Getting Your Child to Practice Without Begging or Bribing..."

Dear Parent of a Violinist, 

Has Your Child Uttered Any of These CLASSIC Complaints?

"I don't want to practice!"

"This is too HARD to practice!"

"Mom! Do I HAVE to practice??? Do I HAVE TO?"

If you haven't heard those complaints from even the best of your children, stick around in violin - it will happen. I should know, as a current instructor and lifetime student of this wonderful instrument, the violin.

The Key to NOT QUITTING Violin is here.

The "quitting attitude" is what happens to EVERY student at some point in time - especially between ages 6 and 12.  The motivation slacks, and you are stuck with making crazy rules (like, "You didn't practice? You don't eat!") to motivate them.

(Been there, done that, as a CHILD - I never went hungry, but it left a horrible stain!)

You pay GOOD MONEY for violin - but your child doesn't care. What she needs is a LOVE FOR THE INSTRUMENT - and a desire to produce the beautiful music we all know can come out of a violin!

You don't want to give up what you've given so far:

  • You've invested time into lessons, practice, and travel
  • Your child has done the same
  • You have paid good money for a violin or a rental
  • You know the longer your child 'sticks it out,' the greater chance your child will be very, very talented
  • Most quit before age 13, and that was never the idea when you started, or else you wouldn't have started!
  • You don't want to feel like a failure
  • You KNOW you are LACKING the PROPER TOOLS that MOTIVATE YOUR CHILD to LOVE THE VIOLIN... and you don't know what to do about it...

Your child needs good things to encourage, that you may not be noticing, that need some "atta-boy's" (or "atta-girl's"!), some pats on the back. But this isn't what really keeps them going.

What I have found in over 35 years of violin-playing, in and out of professional orchestras, teaching, and now instructing all 6 children of my own at home on violin.... I have found that people who are not violinists miss this one valuable key to motivation.

It's the "dirty little secret" of violin instruction.

Key Concept: Most young violinists love to play new songs... ALL THE TIME.

Have you ever watched your child start a new song in their book before they finished the first?

What did you do - chances are, "Is that your song?" "Why are you 'skipping' ahead?" (Hint: it's not skipping - it's learning!) Or this response is my favorite: "We pay GOOD MONEY for this, and you aren't doing your lesson? Do it RIGHT!"

The truth is that playing new songs is not the enemy... it's the KEY!

Kids LOVE playing new things. We want them to learn the first step first, then the second, then third - in order - and this is good. However, the reason children want to play something new is because they (wait for it)... WANT TO.

So, What Gets Kids to LOVE to PRACTICE?

What is it that makes kids love to play violin? Not "like," but we're talking... absolutely LOVE to play?

I tell it best with a quick story.

It went like this. One day I was looking over my son's shoulder as he played a piece in my computer room (this is where my children practice in my home). A sound was off - a pitch was flat, every time he hit that note.  It was a C natural, in first position on the A string.

What was his problem? I asked him, "Ethan, have you listened to that song?"  He replied sheepishly, "Uhh... no."

He didn't now how the song should be played, and so he plays it his own way, which is to throw off any basic rules about key. He doesn't care about key if he doesn't know how a song was intended to be performed.

He listened.

He tried it again, twice, and by the third time... He Was PERFECT.

"Ethan, you passed the song!" He grinned ear-to-ear... He LOVED IT! That's all it took. Watching and hearing me play it.

I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if more children could have the same experience as my own son?"

That's it. I had to do it. I had to spread this technique to more children.  And to more parents.

THE Treasure Chest of Motivation: a Masterclass for Your Child in Your Own Home - Every Single Month...

When I was in college, I'd go to violin retreats to hear from an expert. We called it a Masterclass. We sat and listened to and watched a MASTER.  It was like surgery on years of bad habits.

Like SURGERY on your child's bad violin practicing and performance habits!

I have crafted a service for you which is a masterclass...

a PRIVATE Masterclass...

...for your CHILD...

... in the privacy... and convenience... of your own home.

See the Ear-to-Ear Grin on Your Child's Face

He or She will LOVE Opening - and Imitating - My Playing and Instruction on Your Monthly DVD-in-Your-Mailbox...

It really is that special. Your child will look forward to the DVD's arriving in their mailbox every single month.

Join my club today - it's FREE to join and you get the first month by paying only $4.97 shipping/handling...

If this doesn't convince you, please read these common objections. I'm here to help you make a great decision today:

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Order today!

Maybe these questions are rolling through your mind. (I don't blame you.)

"Brooks, you aren't REALLY my child's private instructor... are you? You are teaching on VIDEO, after all..."

No. I'm not a private instructor - I am a Violin Lifestyle Coach. The difference is important.

Some people don't think this will make a difference - a DVD, after all, is not a private instructor.

There are benefits to NOT having a private instructor - such as self-paced learning. In fact, when I was without a private instructor in COLLEGE for one year, my professor asked me how I made SUCH VAST IMPROVEMENT. I told him, "I listened to violin music." My desire increased when the pressure was OFF, and my abilities went CRAZY!

"Brooks, what about the cost - $4.97 shipping and handling for my first DVD... I don't know you."

Truth is, if you view your FREE first DVD and think it's not worth it, just cancel. (WARNING: if you cancel, you CANNOT JOIN AGAIN.*)

(*NOTE: Truth is, I am unable to process your re-subscription, and that's a hard fact that I must deal with. If you miss a couple months, it probably means you have given up on violin anyway. That's fine - no pressure at all! But realize when you cancel, it's over. Please note that I do make exceptions for NEW students within the same household.)

QUESTION to Consider:

When was the last time you saw your child just EXPLORE anything educational?

Your child will GRAB the DVD and put it in the TV or computer - out of CURIOSITY ALONE. That's because IT'S JUST PLAIN FUN, radically different than anything you've seen before, and ultimately, your child will LOVE TO PRACTICE along with me. For less than the price of a few gallons of gas, you SAVE a few gallons of gas by getting my DVD shipped to you instead of running all over town to more lessons.

"Brooks, I don't trust you - nothing against you - but I just don't know you. How could I invest in this unless you have a page STACKED with 'testimonials'?"

First of all, my FREE DVD offer should take care of the RISK - I am bearing ALL the risk. In fact, if I don't surprise you with SMILES on my DVD, you should just cancel right away. (NOTE: I will not re-subscribe anyone who cancels, but if it's worth it to you, you will NEVER cancel. If it's NOT worth it, you won't want to resubscribe anyway!)

I don't have a page filled with "testimonials" because "testimonials" are not as trustworthy as they used to be. In fact, there are companies who PAY people to give testimonials. I'm not shady, I don't deal with "fluff," and frankly, neither should you.

So I am just keeping my page the way it is, for now. If you like "testimonials," I can't help you today. Right now, I'm in the music instruction business, focusing on getting the very best product into the most INTERESTED PARENTS, not trying to "WOW" people or trick them into giving me money. (No business like that really lasts, anyway, I've been told.)



Join The #1 Violin Masterclass DVD Club (The World Violin Club)

Here is what you get by signing up today for FREE (you pay just $4.97 shipping and handling):

  • Enjoy the NEW, UPDATED, FRESH DVD EVERY SINGLE MONTH, In Your Mailbox - your child will LOVE getting the mail and putting the violin under the chin every month to learn the latest piece I choose!
  • Play Beautifully by Imitating me - by watching the step-by-step instruction for a new beginner violin piece. I may choose a beginner song, or a more advanced one.  Most likely, however, this DVD will be easily learned by beginners. If the piece is too advanced, simply save it for a future date. Pieces include popular songs, religious songs of the Christian faith, Christmas songs, folk tunes, and even Suzuki-style repertoire.
  • Practice Will be Fun Again - watch me show you how to practice the piece - and break it down into easy sections. Imagine your son or daughter getting excited for this part - having fun practicing!
  • Hear me give you encouragement like I am your child's personal mentor.
  • Relax in Your Home while you watch my fun and professional responses to popular questions from students just like your child questions about the pieces we are learning together, or violin-playing in general.
  • Sit Back and Enjoy listening to my new  stories and old anecdotes which may help get the points across - I have spent the greatest portion of my life taking in stories, experiences playing in symphony orchestras, and these are what some of my students call some of the 'the best parts' of their instruction with me at I Can Play Violin.
  • Motivate your child the "classical" training way - by finding and building on his or her inner desire to make beautiful music fun!

Here is what you will receive - if you subscribe today to my Violin Learn-A-Song-A-Month DVD Masterclass:

  • MasterView System: Monthly Song in MasterView perspective ($29.97 Value PER MONTH - total $239.64 Value!)
    See me play the songs you learn, from my point of view. See the bow placement, see the left hand fingers, the wrist position, and imitate me exactly. This is better than seeing from the side, which is the traditional private instructional method.
  • EVERY MONTH: Receive the Violin Learn-A-Song-A-Month DVD Masterclass ($69.97 Value PER MONTH - total $497.64 Value!)
    This report explains how 5 minutes of listening ended up becoming my professor’s equivalent of one year of private instruction. Read how I Can Play Violin got its start, with the realization that listening the right way can realistically become equivalent to 10x the amount of practice. Without this Special Report, many have even quit violin altogether out of frustration.
  • Includes online video link (so you can watch online if you choose!)
  • Includes Printed Newsletter (My personal newsletter giving you the inside scoop and encouraging stories to help you practice more!)

Thank you for reading. Order today and your first DVD, video, and newsletter will arrive in your mailbox within days!


Brooks Hanes