Hymns on Violin CD (Limited Pre-Order for December 2017 Delivery)

Hymns on Violin CD (Limited Pre-Order for December 2017 Delivery)

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This Limited-Edition collection features an assortment of well-known, globally classic and traditional Christian hymns, along the lines of "Amazing Grace," "Holy Holy Holy," "It is Well," "How Great Thou Art," and more.

Fall in love with the hymns again on this instrumental audio recording. Sit back and let the pure and un-complicated sound of a classical violin perform hymns you will immediately recognize and remember.

If you are a musician, or if your children play violin or other instruments, enjoy playing along with Mr. Hanes as he plays the violin. Pianists can accompany and enjoy the predictable yet interesting variations as Mr. Hanes is inspired. Be inspired yourself like never before.

This CD and MP3 is the perfect accompaniment for reading the Bible, singing along, sitting by a cozy fire, sipping some tea or coffee, or commuting to work. Play these songs for small group worship or even family quiet times.

About the music... Each track is not accompanied by any other instrument. These are simple, featuring a pure violin sound as Mr. Hanes plays the hymns in a simple, pure, and soothing acoustical format. Just the hymns you like, about the Lord Jesus Christ you love, sounding on a violin you enjoy.

This is a pre-order item and you will be notified when we have produced the entire track. Expected delivery is before December 2017, subject to change.

Help keep the hymns alive by ordering today, and you will be rewarded with a pure and simple remembrance of our Lord and Savior resounding from the most beautiful instrument in the world, the violin.

Only excuse this inconvenience: Mr. Hanes has a busy December, so this is a limited edition CD. Orders will not be taken after November 15, 2017.


Brooke Hanes is an author, violin coach, podcast host, and a former studio/touring violinist. He lives with his wife Jen and their six children in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of the United States. His violin training materials have been ordered by over 1000 families around the globe since 2012.